S*P Original Art Grabbag

S*P Original Art Grabbag
  • Twenty-Piece "You Are Most Kind" Grabbag Sold out!

Want to own a piece of the webcomic Something Positive? Now you can! The Original Art Grabbag gets you a completely random piece (or pieces) of art used in the creation of the comic. Maybe you’ll get a detailed background piece, a sheet with four different panels on it, or a full page scene. Many of the pieces are “gently loved” by time (but not torn) and have been sitting in a large plastic tub since they were first scanned in.

Please remember this is a random grabbag. We cannot guarantee you’ll get a specific piece from any specific strip, a certain character, etc.

Please also note this is only good for SP art – Midnight Macabre, RWW, New Gold Dreams, and SP 1937 art will not be in the grabbag.

You will also receive a free fast sketch with your order!


U.S. Shipping: $3
Canada. Shipping: $9 USD
International Shipping: $13.25 USD