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Your privacy is important to us. If you’re like us, you don’t want anyone bothering you. As part of the ordering process, information such as your name, billing address, email address, and (optionally) phone number must be collected. This is only collected as a means of shipping your item and/or contacting you with problems/updates/concerns. We may contact you to make sure your order has arrived, or to see if you are happy with your purchase. We will not, however, contact you about special offers or new merchandise unless you’ve emailed us directly and requested we do so – nor will we sell or give your information to third parties.(exceptions being law enforcement, and only if they have a warrant).

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at


All shipping is done through the United States Postal Service. We try to ship out all fillable orders (i.e. orders for which the merchandise is in stock) on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Notable exceptions to this are:
Christmas Holidays: Starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving, fillable orders will be shipped out every day until December 22nd. Please note, though, that the U.S. Postal Service recommends packages needing to arrive by the holidays be mailed by December 12th for domestic mailing. Please keep this in mind when deciding when to order.
April 10-15th: We suspend shipping for the five days leading up the federal tax deadlines.
Postal holidays: The post office being closed makes mailing difficult.

Other exceptions will include during times when we’re at conventions. Usually, this only means a Friday’s and the following Monday’s shipping will be suspended. However, for longer conventions (such as when we’re at San Diego Comic-Con), shipping may be suspended longer. Check the main site’s news and the front page of this site for and any possible days when the store might not be shipping.

We ship within 2 to 3 weeks, although normally an order will go out on the first shipping day after it’s placed as long as the order is fillable. Exceptions to this are pre-order items (see “Pre-Orders” for more details). If three weeks pass and you have not received your order, email us immediately. Sometimes our email gets bogged and we take longer than we’d like to reply, but we will reply and help resolve the problem and get your order to you.

Once items are dropped off with the U.S. Postal Service, they are out of our hands and beyond our control. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for any U.S. First Class orders, international or domestic. Generally, though, domestic orders arrive within 3 business days for orders within the continental U.S.; 4-5 days for Alaska and Hawaii. International First Class orders usually arrive within 5 to 7 business days.

When placing your order through PayPal, please be sure to double-check the shipping address PayPal provides. If it gave an incorrect or defunct mailing address, contact us immediately with your correct mailing address. If an order is returned to us after being shipped to an incorrect address provided by the customer, we reserve the right to request an additional shipping fee for any and all further shipping attempts. If the customer decides he or she no longer wants the item that was returned to us by the Post Office, we will issue a refund sans the shipping fee as long as it falls within the 60 day refund period (see Returns & Refunds for more details).

If an order is lost or returned to us because of an error on our part (we didn’t ship to your corrected address, we used the wrong address/postage, etc.), we will reship the item at no cost to the customer. If the customer requests a refund instead, we will refund the full order, including the shipping fee.


On occasion we will do pre-order (or in some cases, re-order) sales. Any item that is a part of such sale will be noted at the top of the item description as such. Since the items have yet to be created/printed, the standard waiting time of two to three weeks can’t and won’t apply. In general, the offset to this is buying the item at a discounted price.

We will attempt to contact you directly if your pre/re-order item will take longer than three weeks to arrive to us.

Pre/re-order prices are only as good as long as we’re prepping the order to be placed. Once the order is placed, the item will go to “At the Printers” status and full price.

As with all sales, no rain checks will be offered for pre/re-order sales.


From time to time we’ll do sales. All sale prices are subject to the conditions listed for each individual sale and may not necessarily be on all items. All sale items are first come, first serve and unless otherwise specified rain checks withh never be given.

Returns & Refunds

For apparel and comic books:Returns are allowable within 40 days of your orders shipping. To return an item, first email the store and explain why the item needs to be returned. If the reason is an error on our part (we shipped the wrong design/size/product, etc.), no extra shipping will be charged. If the error is on the part of the customer (for example, ordered a 2XL shirt when wanting a small), additional shipping fees may apply.

Note that once the store is emailed, the 45 days time period halts. So, if a customer emails twenty days after the order was shipped, and we have all been hospitalized in a freak ice cream truck accident for four weeks, once we get out of our body casts and start eating solid food again, we’ll treat it as if only twenty days have past.

After we reply to the customer email, the item will need to be shipped back to us in the same condition it arrived. If the order was fouled up on our end, we will pay you first for shipping. If the error was on the customer’s side, we do not reimburse for shipping. Once the item is received and seen to be in good condition, we will ship out the proper replacement.

If it is impossible to give the correct item (the item is now sold out and discontinued, etc.) we will instead issue a refund upon receiving the item and seeing it is in good condition. In cases of store error, we will offer a full refund including shipping costs. In regards to store error, we reserve the right to only refund the cost of the item and not the cost of shipping.

For Original Art and Prints: The return policy for these items is similar to that of apparel and comic books with the exception that, in regards to store error, we will send you a self-addressed stamped document mailer (for domestic orders) or money to purchase one. In regards to customer error, these items must be shipped back in a document mailer that is clearly marked “DO NOT BEND.” If they are not shipped back in such packaging and are damaged in the mail, we reserve the right to refuse refund. However, if the order is shipped back in a clearly marked document mailer and the items are damaged and/or destroyed in the mail, the refund will stand unless the document mailer itself is in perfect condition and the items within are damaged and/or destroyed.

For Commissioned Art: Returns are only available for commissioned art in cases of store-based error. Because of the nature of the item and lack of resale value we will not take returns of commissioned art due to customer error/buyer’s remorse/changed minds.