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Paper Commissions

Paper Commissions

  • $40.00

Is there something you’ve wanted Randy to draw but want it to be nicer than the 1 minute free sketches he does at cons? Now’s your chance! For a limited time, Randy’s taking “light” commissions.

All pieces are 9 inches by 12 inches and black and white (there may be blue pencil underneath). These won’t be, “He drew this in 10 seconds” pieces. You can choose any subject you want – it doesnt even have to be Something Positive characters. However, it will be a scene – not a multipanel comic. Pornography will not be an option Sorry, if you want porn it can be done but not at this price (and absolutely NOT with Something Positive characters).

Your piece can have up to three characters (four if you include Choo-Choo Bear). When purchasing, enter what you want the subject to be in the “additional information” field. If it doesn’t come up (PayPal sometimes loses this field), email us with your order number and what you want the image to be.

Again, anything (save porn) is an option – S*P characters, fairytale illustrations, your D&D character.

Please note these commissions are for individuals only.. What that means is, simply, these are not commissions for publications of any form. They are for individuals to keep for private collections or give to others as gifts. These are not to be used as illustrations for books, games, or the like – nor is any permission to use them as such implied or granted. Individuals who purchase them and wishing to scan them in for their MySpace/Flickr/LJ/Facebook/home page are more than welcome to do so.

U.S. Shipping: $3 USDUSD
Canada. Shipping: $10 USD USD
International Shipping: $14 USDUSD

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