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Super Stupor #1 - Digital Download

Super Stupor #1 - Digital Download

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Every year, the city of Plight Heights has a Heroes Appreciation Convention where up-and-comers and has-beens alike can make some quick cash off their names and exploits. But this year, the heroes aren’t the only ones attending. This book also contains a full-color version of Aubrey’s Guide to Con Hygiene (as it was made for sale at Comic-Con).

As this is a digital version of the first “Super Stupor” issue that was released in August of 2008, there are differences from the first printing. There is a new cover, an extra page of material replacing “Aubrey’s Guide to Con Hygiene”. There is also a brief introduction.  Beyond that, it is the same item as the printed versions of the book.

24 PDF pages, 19 brand new material not on the web, full color.

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